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Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation

$25 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Did you ever wonder about your spirit guides? Afraid you can’t meditate? Meditation everyday can be so helpful in our daily lives.

Learning to meditate everyday is helpful to know your guides, that your spirit guides, animal guides, guardian angels, and your higher self are all right there with you, guiding you.

Whether or not you have ever meditated, guided meditations can help you get into a comfortable deep meditation.

Many people think of meditation as clearing your mind completely or thinking of nothing but sometimes it can be about focusing on one thing that you might need guidance on. This is where knowing your guides and a meditation practice helps. This guided meditation is full of imagery through words to help get you into a beautiful, peaceful meditation that is focused on guiding you through a journey to meet one of your spirit guides.

During a brief period when sitting in silence, reiki will be offered to anyone who would like it. At the end of your meditation, there will be time for note taking and a discussion of what you experienced. Information on symbolism, prominent colors or imagery you may see, during your meditation, will also be provided.