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Our Team

  • Kara Billingham, Yoga Teacher/Studio Owner

    Kara T. Billingham E-RYT 200, Owner of House of Wellness (formerly The Yoga House) and Yoga Teacher.

    Native to Long Island, Kara is a certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor; trained by Devarshi Steven Hartman and Megha Nancy Buttenheim at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts.
    Kara has practiced yoga since 2001 and has been teaching since 2006. Her passion for yoga goes hand in hand with her love for working with individuals with special needs. Previously the Director of the Southampton Fresh Air Home, a local camp for physically challenged children, she continues to volunteer her time teaching yoga to the staff and campers there each summer.

    She feels the most influential people along her path have been the students who attend her classes. Kara is particularly proud of the sense of community her classes bring, inspiring all to honor themselves and those around them….not only on the yoga mat, but in life. Her passion is to bring yoga to as many people as she can and to spread a message that we are all in some way connected.

    Students who have experienced Kara's yoga classes return time and time again and she has even been awarded Platinum Dans Papers Best of the Best Yoga Teacher 2014, 2015, and 2016! When attending a yoga class with Kara, students have expressed a growing love for the practice of yoga through an increased sense of what's real, what's truly important in life, and lots of laughter and deep breath!

    Please join Kara at House of Wellness most days of the week!
  • Eleni Costas, LMT

    Eleni Costas, is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist. Her hands are golden! Book a massage with Eleni today!

    Eleni graduated from the NY College of Health Professions in 1993.

    Call or Text (631) 566-8816 for availability.
  • Diane Daniels, L.Ac, LMT

    I have been practicing Massage Therapy for the last 17 years. I obtained my degree in Massage Therapy from New York College of Health Professions in Syosset, New York. I am truly passionate about my career and feel rewarded when I can help someone with relief from pain or simply give someone the chance to unwind and re-charge.

    With that passion of helping people, I went on to advance my career earning my Master's of Science in Acupuncture at the one of the oldest acupuncture schools in the United States,

    Tri-State College of Acupuncture located in New York City. The unique curriculum allowed me to become trained in three different styles of acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) and traditional Japanese Acupuncture specifically Kiiko Matsumoto-style acupuncture (KM). I had the privilege of studying and training with Dr. Mark Seem, who founded the school along with the APM-style acupuncture

    and Master Kiiko Matsumoto.

    I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to help achieve your health and wellness goals!

  • Denise DeFazio, LMT

    Bio coming soon
  • Samantha Heckert, Yoga Teacher

    Originally from Southampton, Samantha began doing yoga in 2006 while at college. A former dancer, she connected to the movement of yoga and the profound ways it focused her attention on mental and physical well being. She continued to expand her practice, completing a 200 hr. teacher training at Kripalu in 2013. Samantha aims to make yoga accessible to all levels of practice, emphasizing individual needs over pushing students to reach physical goals outside their comfort level. Her classes connect through movement, alignment, attention to breath, and mindfulness giving students a full experience while increasing strength, flexibility, and overall well being.

  • Tim Kadash, Meditation

    Bio coming soon
  • Jenna Leporati, Esthetician

    Bio coming soon
  • Tracey Palmer, Yoga Teacher, LMT, Energy Healer

    Visit Tracey Mondays 11am and Tuesdays 9:30am at The Yoga House for a great yoga class!

    AND book a massage/energy healing session with her! (631) 506-9922.

    My fascination with the healing arts began in 2002 during college when a spinal injury and overwhelming anxiety had me seeking out all of the modalities available. I made it a part-time job to explore each therapy and write about them in The Charleston City Paper. My other obsession with yoga relieved my anxiety enough so I could go off meds. My inner life quickly became way more important to cultivate than my outer life so from there I was on my path.

    What quickly became apparent was that healing touch and solid connection to Pure Source was the essential missing ingredient to my life. My quest then became about clearing out all my inner obstacles to being able to connect deeply to Source and offer both myself and others a truly present and healing touch.

    Thirteen years later, I am now a Non-Denominational Minister, a Certified 500-hour yoga teacher, a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, An Adjunct Professor at a NY Accredited Massage School, and CranioSacral Therapist. What does any of this mean in the professional world? Very little. What is does mean is that I am all the time getting closer and closer to who I truly am, and because of that, I could offer help to those who are truly looking to getting close to who they truly are. The essence of this offering I am calling Energetic Intuitive Presence.

  • Valerie Pease, LMT

    Licensed massage therapist since 2009, Valerie studied at the NY Health Professions in Syosset, NY. Whether you are looking for relaxation or would like to work on specific chronic/acute areas, Valerie will offer you a custom therapeutic massage based on the following techniques: Swedish Deep Tissue Medical Asian Sports Reflexology Reiki She works towards an experience that will personally resonate on and off the table. Valerie enjoys the feedback from her clients because it is the relationship between the individual and the practitioner that provide a deeper experience. She looks forward to meeting you on the table!

    Come visit Valerie each Thursday evening and on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month! Make your appointment today! (646) 326-7012.
  • Babette Paul, Yoga Teacher

    Bio coming soon
  • Marie Perez, Yoga Teacher

    A Long Island native, Marie had taken yoga on and off for about five years before getting serious about it after her son was born in 2009. It was the connection of breath, spirit and body embodied by yoga that kept her coming back, and ultimately led to her earning her 200-hour level certification through the Giving Room's Teacher Training program.
    Marie also has a BA in English and Secondary Education, as well as an MA in Liberal Studies (concentration in English). She has been a high school English teacher for 20 years.
    Her other passions include family, good books, travel, mud runs and skiing.
  • Retta Radin, Yoga Teacher, LMHC

    A Hampton Bays native, Retta Radin is a compassionate soul who loves nature and encouraging growth of the physical and spiritual self. As a licensed mental health counselor she has witnessed many of her clients focused externally and struggling to heal. It is her desire to aid students in healing by connecting with their mind, body and spirit.

    Retta graduated from The Yoga House in May 2016 and is excited to share what she has learned and assist others on their journey. She brings a balance of calm and humor to her classes. As a lifelong student she encourages her students to listen to the inner wisdom of their bodies and honor their heart. Retta is currently teaching All Levels Tuesday and Thursday @ 6pm and All Levels Saturday 4pm.

    Retta loves to meet new people and believes yoga is for every body. She is waiting with a smile for you to show up to her class.

  • Emma Del Rey, Yoga Teacher

    Bio coming soon
  • Jessica Talmage, Yoga Teacher

    Jessica teaches a spiritually grounding practice of Vinyasa that ranges from a gentle to vigorous flow. She encourages the use of slow, consistent breath to move gracefully from one pose to the next and provides adjustments that allow for a safe practice and the opportunity for spiritual, mental and physical growth. She encourages her students to take the lessons they learn on their mat into their lives, and allows them space to explore themselves on a deeper level. Coming from an athletic (over two decades of soccer) and spiritual background, she provides a good balance for the mind and body. Jessica has been practicing and studying yoga for over 10 years and teaching since May of 2012. She feels blessed to have the chance to share the many amazing benefits of a Vinyasa practice with her students.
  • Christine Taylor, Reiki

    Bio coming soon
  • Deborah Marshall, Crystal Healing

    Deborah Marshall is a Certified Crystal Healer, Light worker, and lover of Mamma Earth and all her inhabitants. She received her certification from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy in October of 2015. Deborah teaches workshops and classes on crystals covering a wide variety of topics. She also specializes in animal crystal healing and is a volunteer at the Southampton Animal shelter and ARF. Deborah loves gardening and uses crystals in her organic gardens. She also creates gem elixirs and is an expert at building crystal grids. Deborah attended the City College of New York, after graduating from Southampton HS where she was an acting major and she has performed in many productions across LI. She also raised two amazing people in the village of Sag Harbor who are now living successful lives on their own.

    One Hour Crystal Healing Session - I will begin by guiding you into a beta state with meditation , we will then activate your light column . You will be lying down fully clothed on a massage table face up . This is a non touch therapy .We will be working together with your spirit guides, angels, and source energy. I will then check your 7 main chakras (energy centers ) to make sure they are opened and spinning properly. Once I have done that I will place specially chosen healing crystals on you to raise your vibrational frequency and help bring your chakras into alignment. The Crystals will also help you to release any dis-ease you may be experiencing. I will clean any chakras that need it and rebalance them with my pendulum . If we have time I can do a second layout based on your personal intention for the healing. I have been successful helping clients with depression, fertility, heart issues, lung issues, manic depression, grief, addiction and diabetes just to give you an idea . I would love to help you too. This is my passion.
  • Joe Yewdell, Yoga Teacher

    Bio coming soon
  • Beth Scholz, Yoga Teacher

    As a curious spirit traversing this world, Beth's yoga practice has spanned several decades and disciplines. With a background in the criminal justice system and healthcare publishing, Beth welcomes and encourages the idea of bringing body, breath and communication into union...both internally and externally. She is a lifelong learner that recently graduated from the Kara Yoga Teacher Training program at House of Wellness and is very excited about sharing the diversity and depth of yoga with others in her new community on the east end. Join her by signing up for a class today!
  • Charyl Ozkaya

    Bio coming soon
  • Elizabeth Raimo, LMT

    Elizabeth Raimo, LMT - you can call her Liz!

    Liz joins us with 5 years of Massage Therapy experience. She holds both a New York State license and California State Certification. While also being Board Certified, you are sure to be in great hands!

    Liz's approach to bodywork is rather unique. She takes the common modalities, such as - Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger point, and Sports (stretching) - and brings it to a whole new level. Every session is customized to each of her clients with a combination of the above modalities and techniques. Liz is here to give you a relaxing escape while helping improve your bodies function.

    Book your session at the House of Wellness today!

  • Jill Holloway, LMT

    Dr. Jill Holloway graduated from chiropractic and massage school. Jill practiced chiropractic in Boston before moving back to Long Island, where she is a native. She has worked with world class runners, both Boston Ballet and N.Y. dancers, tennis, golfers, football, celebrities, as well as the aches and pains of numerous clients! Jill has extensive knowledge and experience in healing all types of injuries and conditions with medical massage, spinal alignment and nutrition. She is also a Sivananda Yoga Teacher and understands the yogic lifestyle, having worked with many yogis. Jill has been featured in New York Magazine, Boston Magazine, and Dan's Best of the Best!
  • Kristen Smith, Yoga Teacher

    Bio coming soon
  • Mary Brennan

    Bio coming soon
  • Melissa Mayer

    Bio coming soon
  • Tim Morey, LMT

    Tim graduated from the Massage Therapy School of The New Center in Syosset. In the course of twenty years as a professional, he has experienced the mix of working in spas, B&B's, his own health center, as well as making longstanding appointments in the homes of others.

    Tim offers Oriental massage, without oil, that is performed either on skin or clothing and bodywork, with oil, that is in the Swedish mode, but incorporating methods of other techniques that he believes has been effective in healing and calming.

    Tim has been licensed and insured since 1997. His experience, alone, can speak for itself and his calming nature is a wonderful additive to the treatments he provides.