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Joe Yewdell, Yoga Teacher

Joe discovered yoga in college. After 3 years of practice, Joe shifted his dedication and spent his time pursuing his career and with his family.

In 1995, after a career change, Joe re-discovered yoga and began following 2 amazing teachers for over 15 years: Elizabeth Sheffield, one of America’s first Iyengar certified teachers AND Alan Finger, one of America’s foremost yogi’s, co-founder of Yoga Zone, Yoga Works and ISHTA Yoga.

After 16 years of practice, having attended over 2000 yoga classes, Alan Finger convinced Joe that it was time to teach. He went on to complete his Yoga Teacher Training at ISHTA in Manhattan in 2011.

Joe believes that the his true mission in life is to inspire his students to meditate daily and that the true purpose of practicing yoga is to re-connect to spirit through meditation. For Joe, teaching yoga is one of the greatest joys of a very happy life!

Joe Yewdell, Yoga Teacher