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Deborah Marshall, Crystal Healing

Deborah Marshall is a Certified Crystal Healer, Light worker, and lover of Mamma Earth and all her inhabitants. She received her certification from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy in October of 2015. Deborah teaches workshops and classes on crystals covering a wide variety of topics. She also specializes in animal crystal healing and is a volunteer at the Southampton Animal shelter and ARF. Deborah loves gardening and uses crystals in her organic gardens. She also creates gem elixirs and is an expert at building crystal grids. Deborah attended the City College of New York, after graduating from Southampton HS where she was an acting major and she has performed in many productions across LI. She also raised two amazing people in the village of Sag Harbor who are now living successful lives on their own.

One Hour Crystal Healing Session - I will begin by guiding you into a beta state with meditation , we will then activate your light column . You will be lying down fully clothed on a massage table face up . This is a non touch therapy .We will be working together with your spirit guides, angels, and source energy. I will then check your 7 main chakras (energy centers ) to make sure they are opened and spinning properly. Once I have done that I will place specially chosen healing crystals on you to raise your vibrational frequency and help bring your chakras into alignment. The Crystals will also help you to release any dis-ease you may be experiencing. I will clean any chakras that need it and rebalance them with my pendulum . If we have time I can do a second layout based on your personal intention for the healing. I have been successful helping clients with depression, fertility, heart issues, lung issues, manic depression, grief, addiction and diabetes just to give you an idea . I would love to help you too. This is my passion.
Deborah Marshall, Crystal Healing